About Us

About Us
Drug testing is a tool, but only a tool. In the criminal justice, drug rehabilitation and other government entities, it can, when used effectively, be an invaluable aid in deterring the casual user of illicit and prescription drugs. In the workplace, of the 17.4 million current illicit drug users aged 18 or older, 75.3% are employed either full or part time.

Statistics clearly demonstrate that the employed drug user is less productive and has dramatically higher absentee and theft rates, underscoring the need for drug-testing in this sector as well.

Biotech Screening will sell you drug tests as do a myriad of other distributors, so how do we differ from our competition? We carefully evaluate available products for accuracy and consistency and only those reaching a high threshold will become part of our portfolio. We will just sell you products if that is your wish, but we enjoy the challenge of tailoring a testing regimen that will meet your goals in the most cost effective manner.

Biotech Screening sells lines of both CLIA waived and non-CLIA waived urine tests. These are offered either in fully integrated cups or cassette formats. We also carry a line of oral fluid tests, a rapidly improving technology that enjoys some distinct benefits over urine testing both in terms of observed collections and the test tampering arenas.

The three principal staff at Biotech Screening collectively have over 50 years of experience in drug-testing, both as a consumer as well as provider of drug-testing devices. We have lectured on this subject both within the United States of America and in Europe. Drug abuse and drug testing are subjects of which we are serious students and we strive to stay ahead of this challenging, rapidly changing field. May we help you establish an effective program in which your goals are achieved?

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