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GHB (Gamma-hydroxybutyric acid) is an odorless and colorless chemical that has rapidly become one of the most dangerous drugs of abuse that we see. Along with Rohypnol, GHB is one of the main “date-rape” drugs and is also used recreationally. Our GHB single dip drug tests can identify GHB in urine from 10-50 nanograms/mL.

GHB Testing procedure/protocol:

Simply dip the end of the GHB dipstick into the urine for 5 seconds. After removing the dip, place in on a flat dry surface. At 2 minutes, compare the test pad with the accompanying color chart including in each package. If the result is positive for GHB, dip the second included dip into the urine for 5 seconds to rule out any potential cross reactions with Vitamin C.

**For Forensic Use Only**