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A psychoactive substance produced from the flowers and leaves of cannabis plants with Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) being it’s primary psychoactive cannabinoid. It produces euphoria and a calming sense of peacefulness. It is not addictive, but is clearly habit forming.

Short terms effects can cause cognitive impairment including memory impairment, distorted perception, and a decrease in problem solving skills. Chronic, long term effects can include damage to the immune system and enhanced risk of cancer.

Marijuana is is almost always smoked in different forms but may be eaten as well with the best known food stuff being brownies and cookies.

Most commonly called “pot,” in has more street names than any other drug with the more notable ones being, grass, weed, dope, Mary Jane, and less common including skunk, Texas tea, Maui wowie, and ganja.

Screening for this is available on our on-site devices and via our laboratory services for drug abuse testing kits