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Oxcodone is a very powerful category of synthetic opiods with a similar potency to morphine. Drugs in this category include Percodan, Percocet and Oxycontin. The later drug is widely abused and was first introduced in 1996 for the relief of severe pain, commonly for terminally ill cancer patients.

Once the drug abusing population learned that by crushing the tablets, they would destroy the time-release component and thus enabling them to achieve an intense euphoric experience, demand increased dramatically.

The result is that abuse of this drug is widespread and readily available due to it being over-prescribed for pain relief by doctors as well as gaining entry into the US from both of our borders. This drug is highly addictive and its effects are the same as those described in our section on opiates.

Screening for this is available on our on-site devices and via our laboratory services for drug abuse testing kits